SEPHORA Blue-Tri Micro Chihuahua

Don’t let her teardrop-shaped eyes fool you! Sephora is such a happy-go-lucky Chihuahua with lots of love to go around. We adore her”girly” smoke color. She knows that she is beautiful, as she is often seen strutting around the house and is very keen to make sure she is noticed. 😉
Sephora especially loves soft pets from her head to the tip of her tail. Take note how she uses those sad “pick me up eyes” to get whatever her little heart desires!! **hehe**

If you think Sephora is the missing puzzle piece to your heart, apply for her below before she is gone!;)

Price: $6,500.00

Name: Sephora
Breed: Micro Teacup Chihuahua
Color: Blue Tri-Color
Gender: Female
Size: Maximum expected adult weight 2.5Lbs
Price: $6,500.00

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