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We are an online teacup puppy store, our website is our showroom. Like most online stores, from Amazon to Net-a-Porter, we deliver globally.

You have 2 delivery options:

$500.00 PetSafe Service is option 1 (most common)

Your designer teacup puppy will be sent in a carrier with food, water, and blankets, not sedated, the hum and vibration of the engine is soothing and the feedback we get is that the micro size teacup pups sleep during the flight. Cargo is NOT in the luggage area, it is not where the passengers sit, it is a holding area of the plane that accommodates up to 2 dogs, it is the same pressure and temperature as the passenger area. 70% of our customers choose this option with ease. 

$1500.00 Private Nanny Delivery is option 2:

Your micro teacup puppy will be accompanied from our home to you with a young and competent pocket puppy nanny.  Your micro teacup puppy will have its carrier, food, water, and blanket. Your precious puppy will never be unattended and sit at the foot of the pocket puppy nanny for comfort and supervision. 

In both cases, your micro teacup puppy is not happy to leave the home it loves and has always known, leaving their littermates, and the life they know. Some puppies take a few hours to fell secure and home and others take days. Knowing they are going to be safe, warm, and fed are all they need at this transitional time. 

All deliveries are booked 3 days before the puppies leave us(not before they are 16 weeks old), our delivery coordinator will contact you to confirm the prearranged date is still ok with you, and they will send you the reference number/flight details when the booking is made as your tracking number. 

 Your puppy is hand raised at home, loved and socialized to ensure a happy, secure, confident forever fur-friend for you. There have been no COVID-19 interruptions in commercial deliveries. We do not offer home pickups during covid.

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