Our Guarantee

Heath Guarantee 
Our guarantee is the best and most comprehensive. If your puppy dies due to genetics, or if the puppy has a congenital or hereditary disorder(s) (within one year) which causes the puppy to die, your puppy will be replaced with a comparable puppy of equal value value with no expense to you. The cause of death will need to be certified by a licensed vet.
In the unfortunate death of a puppy occurs, due to genetics, after one year of the puppies birth date, a credit will be issued for the amount of 50% of the original cost towards your next puppy of equivalent dollar value, within a period of 4 months. Again the cause of death will need to be certified by a licensed veterinarian.
What you are required to do:
Take your puppy to the vet within 3 business days. After the exam make sure to send us a copy of the exams results or medical record within 3 business days. Not taking your puppy to the vet within 3 days after receiving your puppy will void the guarantee.The exam must be done by a licensed vet. The puppy will come with up-to-date shots, do not give an additional vaccine to your puppy within the first ten days unless otherwise instructed by your vet.
You will need to provide proof of the daily healthcare and maintenance of your puppy/dog, which would include vaccinations and exams.
The Exceptions To The Guarantee
Heart murmurs grades 1 or 2 pose no threat to your puppy and are not covered under this guarantee. These grade of murmurs are usually transient as your puppy is still a baby and its entire organism is still developing.
We do not cover hip dysplasia for any breed
If you cannot show proof of your puppy’s regular veterinary care and or timely vaccinations this will void the guarantee.
This 1 year guarantee will not cover vet costs and but offers credit for a new puppy.