Micro Pomeranian

Micro teacup Pomeranians are very glamourous. They are a classy designer dog, a posh dog. We sell White Pomeranian they are a special rare color, a lot of people don’t have them, but ours are like triple coats or just like cotton balls. They are like… diamonds – they just look great on everyone! The our black Poms are really gorgeous solid black Poms which are rare colors. Our micro teacup Pomeranian do not exceed 2.5lbs 

we have the classic Boo Pom which I like to call the Boo pom style, who became famous with its cute little Boo Pom  haircut. It is a micro teacup  Pomeranian with a short haircut. There was a designer teacup  dog whose name was ‘Boo pom’ He is a golden-shaded style of the Boo pom and then, the other one, ‘silver-shaded’.