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Welcome to our teacup puppy reviews from our fur-families!  First and foremost we want to thank our wonderful clients for sending in their  teacup puppy reviews, it is time consuming and a gift to us?
Without a doubt, it is always good to hear how much all of our hard work is appreciated by our clients. It is always nice to hear the kind-hearted words of admiration our clients have to say.

We hope you enjoy reading down through some of our teacup puppy reviews.

We are proud to have such amazing clients who provide such incredible homes for our fur-babies!!

You guys are AWESOME!!!!

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Customer Comments: Micro Teacup Puppy Testimonials The Hilsom Experience with Micro Teacup Puppies I just wanted to say that your team is so kind hearted and professional. I bought Becca our Merle Mini Frenchie for Christmas 2018, and was expecting some Christmas chaos but, Kiera handled everything so effortlessly, I was happy to submit Micro Teacup Puppy a 5 star review. My mini Frenchie is already famous. Everywhere we go people ask where I got her, most people didn’t even know there was such a thing as a mini Frenchie but voila, lucky me I got the best! Thank you Kiera and team!

— The Hilsom Family

Customer Comments: Tiny Teacup Puppy Reviews The Scott Family’s Experience with Micro Teacup Puppies. They say you are either a cat or a dog person. I am definitely a designer dog person. I love designer dogs and have had them as pets for most of my life. Some have been rescued, one bought, and some have been gifts. By far the most beautiful and healthiest is POSH who is a miniature English bulldog, now weighing 15lbs (January 2019)but I think she might gain a few more. Miniature English Bulldogs are extremely rare and expensive. If you are going to spend that kind of money I suggest you call Ann here at MicroTeacup Puppy for your designer dog purchase, maybe even a miniature English bulldog like I did!

— The Scott Family

Customer Comments: Absolutely LOVE this store and my new puppy!!! The owner has been exceptionally helpful and caring throughout the entire process and I couldn’t be happier with the recent addition to my family, my precious Chihuahua Eden.

— Wendy Abshaa

Customer Comments: Best micro puppy breeders in the world! bought my teacup Frenchie from them. Absolute perfection

— Denise Smith

Customer Comments: Nice people beautiful dogs.

— Maria Marinan

Customer Comments: Best puppy breeders! Love my Coco 2lb Pom! Easy to work with them

— Ruben Murphy

Customer Comments: They have the cutest teacup bulldogs in here!! I am in Brazil and bought my dog. From them online. Very direct and professional

— Anna Richardson

Customer Comments: Couldn’t be happier with my bulldog I bought here.

— Alexander Fucci

Customer Comments: The puppies are so cute!!!

— Jana Colton

Customer Comments: Easy purchase

— Juan Crawford