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Welcome to the Neiman Marcus of the dog world!

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Leave your worries behind and enter our enchanted world of perfectly posh pups where we meet and exceed our customers’ highest expectations!

Where our pride and passion merge to create a warm and loving environment, giving our customers peace of mind knowing their new beloved furry family member is in our expert hands, found nowhere else. Creating our darling pouty doll face puppies with decades of experience and mindful dedication.
Join our extended family by becoming the new proud owner of a 
Glorious micro puppy masterpiece

We are a family business with based in California, Dubai, and Ontario. We deliver globally. 

Breeding since 1984, we were the first company that I know of that specialized strictly in Micro Teacup puppies for sale in North America. 

Browse our tiny Teacup puppies for sale and fall madly in love! We specialize in Teacup puppies including: Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Chihuahuas, Teacup Maltese, Teacup Pomeranians, Teacup Poodles and Mini Bulldogs!  

Have a look for a Teacup Yorkie. Teacup Yorkies are a specialty. You will find the tiniest most beautiful Teacup Yorkies for sale in our showroom. Click here to view all of the puppies for sale.

Please Call Us At:1-406-204-1966

Welcome to the home of the tiniest Teacup puppies! We’re the original BoutiqueTeacup puppy specializing in Teacup puppies and Toy puppy breeds. We just started the website this year helping people who ddidn’t hear about us from friends to find us online.

What about our prices? Yes, I know some people – no matter how many times I explain or give a German Shepard breeding analogy when they are having TEN puppies versus our ONE – people still often ask, ‘Well, why is one still $12000, and one is $15000 and one is $8000?’ We have puppies that will be 1 pound, 2 pounds or 3 pounds and we have super-elite quality puppies to offer our customers. Our puppies are not for everyone but for families who are discerning buyers, who want the best Teacup puppies in life, understand a puppy at 12 weeks should only way a few ounces to be a true Teacup. A puppy that is 8 weeks and already weighs a pound or more will not be a Teacup. At 8 weeks they should not be anywhere near 1 pound. Teacups range from 3 to 4 pounds, and micro Teacups are between 2 and 3, with extrememicros between 1 and 2.

We specialize in hard to breed mini-breeds that most people just aren’t interested in breeding because that is just a lot of work. You have to stay up all night with them, someone always has to be awake to monitor them, to make sure that they are eating and the mom is eating, and that everybody’s warm and safe. So most breeders just don’t bother and they can earn the same amount of money by just having a little bit of a bigger dog and having 4 puppies instead of one. So yeah, most people just don’t bother to do it, and that is why these ones are really hard to find!

Our puppies are also gorgeous of course. They have beautiful teddy-bear faces. They look like polar bears, instead of like a fox, if that is a good analogy. Their teddy bear faces are round-y, we breed for square and proportionate shape as opposed to some with super long legs and a super long body and they are light but they don’t have a compact balanced shape. So we breed for that as well. Bigger eyes, small upturned noses, expressions which make them look happy when they are looking at you and they always keep that youthful look with that round-y look and those big eyes. Even when they are five years old they still very much look like puppies! So that is how we target our breeding and I know the people appreciate it and we always have repeat buyers and word-of-mouth buyers. For those of you on the internet who have maybe never seen one of our dogs except for on the internet, it is kind of hard to get a good idea so I am always happy to have that discussion whenever the client wishes to. 

These fur babies, are a luxury to own and love! That said, as much of a luxury as they are… there are lots of bad comments on the internet. People don’t like Teacup dogs. A lot ofpeople find the trend now to ‘adopt-don’t-shop’. Adopt-don’t-shop is a buzz word right now. So those people who want to spend money and spend 15 years of their life with a very particular look, color, and size of a dog. Other people are hating on them and hating on us. We get tons of crazy comments and emails and that just kind of goes with it. There is nothing I can do about it and so I just let it strip off my shoulder and I don’t even think about it. 

Lots of scams, we know that. There is no such thing as a puppy like this for under $3000. So if you are getting an email from someone offering two for a thousand. You can do what you want, it might actually be entertaining to listen to them trying to convince you that is legit! But if you are not into that kind of joke, I would just hand up the phone and not waste your time. 

We definitely love referrals! Word-of-mouth is our best friend so please refer us even if you don’t buy from us. If someone you know is looking, by all means, give them our contact information.

People ask all the time: Is it safe to deliver the puppy via airlines and what is involved?
We have several options for shipping the puppies. We can ship directly by United Pet-Safe or with a nanny service. You can talk to me about that directly. 

International shipping is the same thing. So, we can send the puppy with a nanny or we can send the puppy with the airline and that can be discussed. Prices range from $295 to $3000. That can be discussed via email or over phone conversations. 

People ask me how long it takes to receive their puppy. This really depends on the puppy being purchased. We will only deliver when we feel the puppy is ready to go to his or her new home. Some puppies may require extra time with us and you will be notified if we feel the puppy is not ready to go home yet. We expect you to understand that, to trust our judgement, to not panic. We don’t let any puppies go before they are fully vaccinated, before they are 500 grams, before they have a clean bill of health, and before they are not having any hypoglycemic episodes. Well… usually within 2 to 3 weeks you’ll have your puppy, but sometimes it can go shorter or it can go longer – something you need to discuss with me directly. It’s really important for us to talk. 

We will give you a health certificate, a crate and a health guarantee for one year of any genetic congenital abnormalities. 

We do offer one year warranty for life threatening, untreatable defects, including and limited to: heart defects (including scale 4 or above) and any organ dysfunction. This doesn’t include a treatable disorder like Luxating Patella. We do NOT cover for hernias or open frontal as these are common issues with puppies. We do send you home with a 6 week health insurance plan which should give you some comfort. You can decide to activate that and keep it, or you can just keep it for the 6 weeks and toss it, it’s up to you. So we will work with you if there is anything that you think that is our side, and you want us to help pay for it or replace the puppy. Just let us know; just talk to us. I like to consider myself reasonable and I will listen to everything and we have the one-year guarantee. 

Our puppies are vet checked and inspected; not only by our personal vet but also before boarding the flight, by customs and the airlines also take a look. So your puppy has been checked – a lot –before he gets to you to make sure he is in good shape. A lot of eyeballs, not just mine. 

Our little doll-faced puppies, is a teddy-bear puppy that not are healthier but also better looking than any other breeders. Well, that’s what we think. It’s just like a regular Teacup Poodle but more gorgeous. Rarer, smaller, really healthy and more beautiful and that’s how I would sum it up! If you’re ready to have one of our sweeties into your home, just fill out our online application (link) and apply for a puppy. If you have any questions for us, we’ll be happy to speak with you, just give us a call. Please join our joyful endeavor to spread love and fuzz around the land!

Few more things:

Don’t settle for imitations. Don’t buy from countries like Korea with zero animal rights. If culturally they eat dogs think 2x before buying none of these delicate micro boutique Teacup puppies from them. 

 It can cause you thousands and a broken heart in the long-run. Let our years of dedicated service be your peace of mind. We have a 0% policy of breeding animal with health issues and diseased animals.

Another note on internet safety. Things to note:

Some of the common mistakes and tactics that are most often used by scammers, so keep these in mind, hopefully you will be able to spot a potential scam right away.

1) Bad grammar and punctuation: Starting sentences un-capitalized and using poor English is a huge indicator of someone who doesn’t care about their business; someone who might be new at this business or someone you might want to consider thinking twice about buying from.
2) Inconsistencies: If you pay attention to the website you may notice inconsistencies. Such as asking to pay by western union and Virginia; the website doesn’t have a phone number and you can’t talk to the person that you are buying from; the person you are talking to seems nervous or wants to get off the phone; or even that it just doesn’t feel right to you, then just walk away. No excuses. If western union is the only payment option then that’s a scary option. If it is one of many then you can give it a thought and it is all up to you, but if it is the only one then you should worry. 
3) Lack of communication: The last thing scammers want is to build a relationship with their ‘customers’. They are not customers. They want to take your money and run, so to speak. So when it comes time to discuss extensively about your puppy or to receive your puppy, they’re not going to be around, they’re not going to return your calls, they’re not going to send you emails. All their emails are going to be the same repeating bad punctuation and bad grammar and pushing you to buy a puppy. 

Again we fully understand that some people are not comfortable with purchasing a puppy on the internet without meeting him or her prior to paying. We are unwilling to place the safety of our lives, our homes and our families on the line for people uncomfortable with purchasing over the internet. No, you can’t come over. I’m sorry but it is just not safe and it is deadly for our animals and we are not going to risk all of that because you don’t want to shop online. It is what it is. If you are not comfortable, by all means, we totally understand. 

For more information on any of our beautiful Teacup puppies, click here to view all the puppies for sale by breed. 

We accept bank wires or direct deposits into our accounts. 

We may accept PayPal deposits for a thousand dollars until you want to pay the remaining balance of your puppy. Why? PayPal often holds payments for over a thousand dollars for 30 days. That’s not our policy and it can be PayPal’s policy. PayPal can pay in 3 days, they can also pay in 30 days. Until the payment is cleared, we can’t send you the dog. So, if you are not in a hurry and you are okay to wait 30 days, you can pay us a 100% by PayPal as well.

 Most of our customers don’t because they want the dog sooner. If you are thinking of a Christmas puppy or a Valentine’s Day puppy, or an upcoming litter then PayPal’s super. Otherwise, just go to the bank and deposit money into our account or wire it, you can do that by phone, online or by going in person – it just depends on your bank.

We post sometimes on Social Media. Look at our Instagram page. Or our Pinterest or Facebook if you want to see what we are posting there. We aren’t selling dogs on social media. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense. We need to speak to our customers, we need to know who they are, and selling on Facebook pages just wasn’t our cup of tea

In fact until last year, we never sold online at all, we just sold by word of mouth. Now we have decided to expand our market. Most of our customers are in the United States but people from around the world now contact us and have the opportunity to find us and to have one of ourfabulous little teddy bear puppies! Otherwise, it was just word-of-mouth in the neighborhood; friends of friends; people seeing our puppies on the street with their owners, asking where they got them. That’s how we got our business and built our business and our reputation over time.

The idea of ‘Teacup’ or ‘Micro’ are just terms given by breeders to describe the size of a tiny puppy. There isn’t really a standard, I mean, there is a Teacup Yorkie standard with the American Kennel Club and ours would be about half that size. So we wouldn’t fit into that category. There is no Micro category really, it is just what our dogs are, but everyone calls them Teacups and so we just roll with that.