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Welcome to the Neiman Marcus of the dog world!

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Our dogs have beautiful teddy-bear faces sweet and round-y, we breed for square and proportionate shape as opposed to some with long legs and a long body. We breed for Bigger eyes, small upturned noses. Even when they are five years old they still very much look like puppies! Leave your worries behind and enter our enchanted world of perfectly posh pups where we meet and exceed our customers’ highest expectations!

Breeding micros since 1997, we were the first company that I know of that specialized strictly in Micro Teacup puppies for sale in the States. We started selling online in 2008, and people who didn’t hear about us from friends could find us online anywhere in the world.

Creating our darling doll face puppies with decades of experience and mindful dedication.
Join our extended family by becoming the new proud owner of a Glorious micro puppy masterpiece.

X Browse our tiny Teacup puppies for sale and fall madly in love! We specialize in Teacup puppies including: Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Blue Merle Chihuahuas, Teacup Maltese, Parti Teacup Pomeranians, Chocolate Teacup Poodles and Blue Mini Bulldogs!

Have a look for a Teacup Yorkie. Teacup Yorkies are a specialty. You will find the tiniest most beautiful Teacup Yorkies for sale in our showroom.

We are the home of the tiniest Teacup puppies! We’re the original Boutique Teacup puppy specializing in Teacup puppies and USA Toy puppy breeds for sale.

What about our prices? Yes, I know some people – no matter how many times I explain or give a German Shepard breeding analogy when they are having TEN puppies versus our ONE – people still often ask, ‘Well, why is one still $12000, and one is $15000 and one is $8000?’ We have puppies that will be 1 pound, 2 pounds or 3 pounds and we have super-elite quality puppies to offer our customers. Our puppies are not for everyone but for families who are discerning buyers, who want the best Teacup puppies in life, understand a puppy at 12 weeks should only way a few ounces to be a true Teacup dog size . A puppy that is 8 weeks and already weighs a pound or more will not be a Teacup dog size. At 8 weeks they should not be anywhere near 1 pound. Teacups range from 3 to 4 pounds, and micro Teacups Dogs are between 2lbs and 3lbs with extrememicros between 1lb and 2lbs X

 People ask me how long it takes to receive their puppy. Click here to read about Our Nanny Service Delivery It depends on the puppy being purchased. We don’t let any puppies go before they are fully vaccinated, before they are 500 grams, before they have a clean bill of health, and before they are not having any hypoglycemic episodes.

We provide you with a health certificate, a crate and a health guarantee for one year of any genetic congenital abnormalities. Click here for our health guarantee

Our puppies are vet checked and inspected; not only by our personal vet but also before boarding the flight, by customs and the airlines also take a look. So your puppy has been checked a lotbefore he gets to you.

Our little doll-faced puppies, is a teddy-bear puppy that are not only are healthy but also better looking than any other breeders. Well, that’s what we think. If you’re ready to have one of our sweeties into your home, fill out our online application to apply for a puppy.

Don’t settle for imitations. Don’t buy from countries like Korea with zero animal rights. If culturally they eat dogs think 2x before buying! Click here for our Breekers vs Brokers info

delicate micro boutique Rollup Teacup puppies

Another note on internet safety. Things to note:

1) Bad grammar and punctuation: Starting sentences un-capitalized and using poor English is a huge indicator of someone who doesn’t care about their business; someone who might be new at this business or someone you might want to consider thinking twice about buying from.
2) Inconsistencies: If you pay attention to the website you may notice inconsistencies. Such as asking to pay by western union and Virginia; the website doesn’t have a phone number and you can’t talk to the person that you are buying from; the person you are talking to seems nervous or wants to get off the phone; or even that it just doesn’t feel right to you, then just walk away. No excuses. If western union is the only payment option then that’s a scary option. If it is one of many then you can give it a thought and it is all up to you, but if it is the only one then you should worry.
3) Lack of communication: The last thing scammers want is to build a relationship with their ‘customers’. They are not customers. They want to take your money and run, so to speak. So when it comes time to discuss extensively about your puppy or to receive your puppy, they’re not going to be around, they’re not going to return your calls, they’re not going to send you emails. All their emails are going to be the same repeating bad punctuation and bad grammar and pushing you to buy a puppy.

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We may accept PayPal deposits for a thousand dollars until you want to pay the remaining balance of your puppy. Why? PayPal often holds payments for over a thousand dollars for 30 days. That’s not our policy and it can be PayPal’s policy. PayPal can pay in 3 days, they can also pay in 30 days. Until the payment is cleared, we can’t send you the dog. So, if you are not in a hurry and you are okay to wait 30 days, you can pay us a 100% by PayPal as well.

Most of our customers don’t because they want the dog sooner. If you are thinking of a Christmas puppy or a Valentine’s Day puppy, or an upcoming litter then PayPal’s super. Otherwise, just go to the bank and deposit money into our account or wire it, you can do that by phone, online or by going in person – it just depends on your bank.

We post infrequently on Social Media, check our Instagram page, or our Pinterest or Facebook if you want to see what we post. We don’t sell our beloved fur babies on social media. We need to speak to our customers, we need to know who they are, and selling on Facebook pages isn’t our cup of tea.

In fact until 2008, we never sold online at all, we just sold by word of mouth. Now we have decided to expand our market. Most of our customers are in the United States but people from around the world now contact us and have the opportunity to find us and to have one of our fabulous little teddy bear puppies!

The idea of ‘Teacup puppy’ or ‘Micro dog ’ are terms given by breeders to describe the size of a teeny tiny puppy. There isn’t an official standard, there is a Teacup Yorkie standard with the American Kennel Club at 6lbs and ours would be about half that size. So we wouldn’t fit into that category. There isnt a Micro category and most everyone calls them Teacups and that’s fine with us!


Buying a Puppy:




Some people will come to me and say, “Well, I have a teacup puppy and it cost $2000.” And I say, “Well, how much does it weigh?” It turns out, it’s 6 pounds and I’m like, “That’s a standard Teacup Yorkie, it’s a totally fair price, gorgeous dog. The dogs we breed are quite exceptional and rare. To get a dog that is beautiful, healthy and only 2.5 pounds is difficult.” We have very little competition!

Our dogs usually have one or two puppies per litter. People say our dogs are expensive but if you compare a German Shepard has 10 puppies and each of those puppies are $2000, so a litter for her is $20,000. A litter for us because we breed such small dogs, our moms only have 1 or 2 pups per litter, 1x a year. 

What are the prices of your puppies? Each puppy is priced based on its look; the coat quality; the rarity of the color; and its size of course. 

Our prices start at $4500.00USD. These prices do not include standard shipping or the nanny fee(if you opt for nanny service) Delivery costs are based on your location. For the continental United States it is $295. If you are in Europe the price  is usually around $600. If you are in the Middle East, the price is about $1000The longer the flight basically, the higher the price is and that is set by airlines, not us. We do our best to get you the best price possible.


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