Growing Pom

New born pom puppies are one of the best looking pet dogs out there. It is actually the fluffiness, cuteness and the innocently attractive appearance of pom puppies that get people swooning over this little kid. Tea cup puppies are a favorite among millions of dog lovers. However, just like with any other pet, there could be some trying times. Pom puppies can also pose a few problems during their growing up years. Normal problems are fine to deal with but one aspect about pom puppies really trouble the pet lovers and they start to lose their fur. There are thousands of people who have felt embarrassed with their pom puppies when they shed their fluffy and sprout coat and become some different breed of dog altogether. We shall be honest here that when pom puppies lose their fur, they actually do not look even half as attractive or cute as they are when the coat is at its best. So much so, the phase is also known as puppy uglies. Yes, this is a phase and not permanent. You do not have to question the authenticity of your pom puppies or that it is a hybrid. You have not been misled by the person who sold you the tea cup puppies. It is just that your little pet is growing up.

Almost everyone would know that any furry animal has a tendency to shed fur and regain it depending on the season and also its lifestyle. In addition to that, pom puppies shed their entire coat when they are growing into adults. This is normally the fourth month or the fifth. Pom puppies are supposed to shed their fur and they may continue to do so for as many as three to five months. Towards their first year birth anniversary, your pom puppies would have started developing the adult coat. A fresh set of fur that is supposed to stay, it is pretty similar to how human kids lose their baby or milk tooth and develop the permanent or adult tooth.

In most cases, at around the twelfth month from birth, pom puppies would completely develop the adult coat. In some cases, it may take two months or three more than that but that’s about it. There may be minor losses in fur and the fluff subject to seasons, health and lifestyles but your pom puppies would never be without the fluff or be a skinny different looking breed of pet ever again.