If you’re buying from a breeder – you can talk to the breeder. Call us! Get an idea of our approach to breeding teacups and how we are raising and socializing our dogs. This is going to determine the kind of dog you live with for 10 years. If you don’t want a yappy dog, if you don’t want a dog that snaps and bites, if you dont want a dog thats peeing at every noise that happens in the house, then you need a dog that has had a lot of socialization in their first few months of life. 

People ask us all the time: Where do you get puppies? We breed them!

There has been plenty in the news recently about companies brokering dogs in the United States, reselling dogs predominantly through Facebook. They have been featured on newspapers, coming out of the UK, exposing this puppy-mill broker business and how horrific it is! 100% They are importing dogs that are coming from massive long term puppy mills from South Korea and these re-sellers will not go back to working at the mall, or whatever they were doing before. We wish!So a little network predominantly selling ‘Jung’ puppies with multiple different names. So they have different brand names and they are in different states, but they’re all getting their dogs from the same kind of place or the same person. And again, if you read ‘Jung Puppy’ reviews, it is like a textbook of what puppy mill is. So you will figure that out on your own, I don’t want to go into that too much. They try to dispute it and post rubbish about blood lines that they don’t know anything about or crazy facts about C-sections and shrinkage. These aren’t the concerns that people have. The concerns that people have are about how the puppy is raised, socialized, fed. I have personally called these Korean sellers because I know who they are. You, as a buyer may not, but because I’m in the business I know exactly who they are. I’ve called inquiring, posing as a customer, and they told me directly not to feed the dog ‘much’ otherwise it will obviously grow, and not to feed good-quality food! So basically, to feed the dog the cheapest quality of food – literally the cheapest I could find – minimally. To keep the dog small! That’s unhealthy and nobody can argue with that. This information was given to me directly by the actual Korean puppy-mill owner whose puppies are being brokered across the United States. Boutique Teacup Puppies, Betty’s Teacup Yorkies, Rolly Teacup Puppies- all the same puppy mill. So yeah, really no rebuttal there.

It’s rampant! They are very savvy online and they are very aggressive. They send us all kinds of hate and they would love to see us go out of business because we make them look bad. Why would anyone choose to come from South Korea when they can have a puppy from here where they have a little bit more trust, a little bit more hope in the system? And the puppy doesn’t have to travel for so long on a flight. Also, culturally there are differences in approaches to how we raise and treat our animals. So I think that people respond well to us.

We’ve now expanded into Poodles with our specialty being rich reds and great color apricots. We have Pomeranians. We love dark black as well as pure white Pomeranians.

We have started in the last couple of years with Teacup French Bulldogs, which are about half the size, if not even more than half the size of a regular Bulldog. They have the same gorgeous face and the same loving nature. If he is still small enough, you can fly with him anywhere! And whether you are a guy or a girl, they both look cool. And we find a lot of young couples buying them. They are very hip and in fashion right now.