One in a Million Micro Teacup Puppies for Sale | Posh Pocket Pups!

Welcome to our Fur Family -Posh Pocket Pups !

 Call 1-406-204-1966 We deliver our pups onboard in-cabin-never cargo! 
Yes these dogs are expensive, they are exclusive and not for most. Our female dogs only have 1-2pups a birth (as apposed to a Labrador birthing 8, they require hand feeding every 2 hours for minimum 2 months, then finally Wenatchee and look at body structure, head shape, colour, eye space, nose size…and voila come up the price is fair for these one of a kind GEMS. Under 2.5lbs and over 2.5lbs have different prices due to rarity. We are proud to be here with you Posh Pocket Pups .

As experienced breeders for over 20 years, offering puppy owners a luxury experience, from hand delivery, to super healthy for the happiest puppies going to their forever home environment.

Sorry, we do not offer cell phone pictures we get 40 inquires of day of people wanting to look at cute puppies and that’s sweet, but not something we can do. Once a deposit is paid we know your not a window shopper and will happily send a video update. ***no discussions about a puppy before application is submitted and approved***

Tiny Micro teacup puppy size

Expected weight is listed next to each pup,they are all healthy and fat as puppies should be.