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Therapy Dogs Best Known for their Therapeutic Healing

Core Benefits

Many studies have shown that pets offer a multitude of health benefits to their owners. And all those they come in contact with. Below we have outlined a list of fantastic benefits for you and your loved ones.

  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Help post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)
  3. Help children with anxiety & ADHD
  4. Offers exercise
  5. Alleviation of depression
  6. Encourages social activity
  7. Help with motor skills
  8. Increases personal motivation
  9. Lower risks of heart attacks
  10. Less risk of stroke

Did you know owning a dog cuts a person’s risk of having a stroke by more than a third!!!  Researchers theorize that petting a dog can lower stress or that the type of people who own dogs are more stress-free naturally. 

While most of us are aware of dogs being used as a therapy animal or service pets. Many facilities throughout the US offer animal contact to patients and residents. As a part of therapy or simply to lift the spirits of those suffering various medical conditions. You may find these excellent service animals within hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, and other facilities.

Allergy prevention

A seven-year study of almost 1000 children found that children who were exposed to dogs and cats as babies were half as likely to have allergies and risk factors for asthma as they grew up than those who had no pets. Infants with more than one pet in the home had the lowest risk of allergies. So even though you might have to be cautious with pets around babies to make sure the pets don’t become aggressive with them, having those pets around could very well benefit your child in the long run.

#therapydog #Servicedog #smallpoodle #toypoodle #teacupbulldog #teacuppom
#therapydog #Servicedog #smallpoodle #toypoodle #teacupbulldog #teacuppom

Purr-fect for comfort

If you have owned a dog in the past, have you noticed how they have the innate gift of being there for comfort when you are in need? They almost know and can feel when we are upset. In addition, they always try their best to let us know they are there. I know that has certainly been the case year after year. The bond we create with our dog companions is unmatched.

We have come in contact with numerous customers who have experienced difficult times in their life; a death of a family member, serious medical issues, depression, loss of a beloved pet, and deployment, just to name a few. They come to us seeking comfort and companionship with one of our beautiful, docile, loving puppies. To be able to share our love of teacup dogs, and to know that our teacup dogs have offered so much comfort to our customer means the world to us. 

Many of our therapy dogs serve as luxury service animals in various nursing & rehabilitation centers across the country as well as several ptsd clients. 

A huge thank you to all of the customers whose lives we have been so blessed to be a part of!