The Puppy Bed

There are a number of puppy bed varieties out there – from plain jane to way out fancy, but for the first few days or weeks until the pup is settled in and has a basic understanding of the potty part down pat, keep it simple.

A thick towel, an old baby blanket, or simple bedding that is machine washable is recommended. Sometimes it helps to offer a sweater or t-shirt of yours that you have worn during the day [make it an older one – just in case there is a potty accident or it gets chewed up ;o)]. It will help with the bonding and gives comfort to a new pup when you’re not there to hold it. Having your scent close by in its sleeping area, gives it that “safe place” feeling you want to encourage. Wait with the nicer bedding until your teacup puppy is settled in and understands what the potty area is for.
Plane Jane Bedding – Good Starter Beds!
These are generally inexpensive, machine washable and can be dried in the dryer as well. The better quality lasts forever too. I’ve had some that lasted several years – and trust me – my bedding gets way more used than yours ever will and probably more frequently washed too… Some weeks it seems I do more dog laundry that I do people laundry.
Plush Bedding
This is usually [but not always] better quality bedding and it should be washable and holding it’s shape afterwards. If there are hard support pieces inside [metal or wood], make sure the pillow is removable and the rest can be unzipped and taken off for laundering too.

Do not waste your money on beds with elastic covers that you pull over a foam pillow or core. A bored pup will figure that out in no time and start ripping the foam apart. If eaten it can cause blockage and endless misery and huge vet bills if it needs surgery to remove, in the worst case it can cause death.

Don’t waste your money on the cute dog beds that look like little doggy housesthat you tie together. The ones I purchased came out of the washer or dryer totally deformed,the inner form slabs moved and the entire thing looked like a nightmare Haensel & Gretel House afterwards. Cute until you need to wash them! Waste of money IMO!!!

Spend a bit more to buy a good quality bed that will hold up for years of puppy and doggy use, including getting washed!
Luxury Beds
As always with metal beds that have curlycews and spikes – be sure to remove collars + harnesses from your dogs before they go in!!!
You do not want your pup hung up on the collar for a few hours or worse – choke to death!

These beds are adorable, but not practical for young puppies and they usually do not fit into a playpen. Save something like these for later sometime, when your dog is all grown up and reliably potty trained.