Temperature Control

Overheating your tiny puppy is just as dangerous than for it getting chilled – precious energy is used up for regulating the body heat, and that is something your tiny baby can’t afford to waste. Choose the location carefully – especially if the pup needs to spend time alone at home.

If you are living up north or in a fairly drafty house to begin with, it might benefit the baby, if you wrap a blanket around the sides of the playpen during the colder months of the year or while it is still very young.

This also tends to help with new teacup puppies that go through separation anxiety or don’t seem to be able to settle or to relax, due to visual over-stimulation or because they are new arrivals to your home.

As an additional aid in keeping warm, consider offering a heated electric pad or bed, or consider some thermal pads or bedding such as the ones shown below..