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Puppies are a 10+ year responsibility. We don’t sell our teacup dogs on social media. No online purchases of our teacup dogs are allowed. We must personally speak to you before you can purchase any of our teacup dogs.

Initial the following to confirm you have reviewed the terms of sale and purchase process:

All information about each puppy is on their puppy page.

Advertised puppies are too young for us to know their ‘personality’ until they are 9+ months old.

Puppies temperament is mostly determined by their forever household and training.

We provide daily extensive handling and socialization to provide the best start for a solid foundation.

All our puppies are hand raised at home indoors.

Puppies will be delivered approximately 3 weeks after payment. Our puppies have a ‘passport’ that includes all up-to-date vaccines.

We do not offer financing or partial payments.

If you change your mind about which puppy you prefer within 48hrs your payment is transferable to another puppy you choose.

All deliveries if by car or flight are booked 3 days before the puppies leave us.

We have a 1-year health guarantee on all our puppies, activate the guarantee by obtaining a health certificate from your veterinarian within 3 days of receiving your puppy.

We will send food supply for 1 month, the brand is called Royal Canin X-Small Puppy. We also feed raw food.

All puppies are potty trained, using pee pee pads at our home. We will send 20 pads.

There are no extra fees unless a special request is made by you.

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