Purchase Process

Pet adoption includes the following:, Certificate of spay/neuter
Age appropriate vaccinations, fully vaccinated for 1 year
Preventative deworming, Microchip (travel essential)
Health Records, Genetic Health Guarantee ,6 weeks of free pet insurance

We will send a pet carrier ‘safe house’ for your pup, blanket with mom and littermates smell, a weeks worth of pee pads, 2 weeks worth of food, and a few favorite toys. After the settling in time you should know what will be best for you and furbaby.

Process after payment:
1-please make payment using method you decide

2- we will email you to confirm receipt of payment

3-we will then schedule your fur-baby to the vet for the health certificate

4- we will email and ask what is best dayfor delivery is best for you, we book flight and confirm time to meet at the airport you indicated

The shipping prices are as follows:

  • USA $350

Other destinations, please inquire

Tips for health and beauty 🙂

  • Krill oil mixed in with food
  • Regular brushing with stainless steel comb (for bonding and so she is used to brushing)
  • If she is fussing with food – mix wet food into her water and put maple syrup on your finger for her to lick
  • Royal Canin baby small dog food (will send you enough for a month)
  • Pee pads (she is already trained so show her where they are and put her there few times and die should know)
  • She has all up to date vaccine records including rabies (needed if you want to travel with her)
    We will send her blanket, carrier and a cuddle toy for familiar smells (keep them for at least a week for her comfort)

And if you have any questions 24/7 call me!