Dana Mini Black Pug

Name: Dana
Breed: Micro Teacup Pug
Color: Black
Gender: Female
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 6lbs


Oh Dana ….. must you look at us with such adorable and irresistible cute facial expressions. Dana is the epitome of a perfect mini pug. One glance from Dana and all you want to do is cuddle her endlessly. She has beautiful glowing baby doll eyes and a luxurious midnight black sleek coat that represents platinum quality. Her mini short muzzled face is a showstopper and will everybody wanting a mini pug. Dana’s personality is the best part about her. This mini pug is the most loyal, loving, happy, playful and affectionate puppy you will ever meet. She loves to be around and engage with people, very outgoing. Dana is the perfect pug for a warm loving family <3

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