Ocean Merle Teacup Dachshund

Name: Ocean
Breed: Tiny Teacup Dachshund
Color: Merle
Gender: Female
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 10lbs


Sold! Ocean is now living with her forever family in Palm Beach


The ocean waves are always flowing around the earth just as life itself is. Baby Ocean loves to just experience life and create life long memories with people. This mini dachshund baby girl will soothe anybody with her sweet soothing ocean vibe and charm. She is the most welcoming and friendliest puppy you could ever want! Ocean has an exotic blue merle longcoat exterior that is to die for! Such a rare beautiful color and markings. She has glowing baby doll eyes that will also get you right to the core. Baby Ocean is estimated to be 7 to 10 pounds full grown <3

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