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Cheeta Blue Micro Chihuahua

Beautiful Coated Triclored  Cheeta ! Micro Tricolor Chihuahua Baby Girl !

She has a blue, cream and tan coat, all muted tones, pastel hues.

Amazing Micro Tricolor Chihuahua

Currently 14oz

Estimating under 2.5lbs Pounds Full Grown!

Supper Outgoing & Welcoming❤️

Sleek Dazzling Tri Coloring!

Cutest Apple Head! 

Name: Cheeta
Breed: Micro Chihuahua
Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Size: Maximum Expected Adult Weight 2.5LBS
Date of Birth: 13-Oct-2019

We have finally got your dream blue Teacup Chihuahua puppy for sale! She is a pastel blue with a hint of cream. Teacup Chihuahua puppies for sale is smooth and curled up on your lap keeping you company. a has everything we aim for a perfectly round apple head, huge expressive eyes, and soooo tiny body! When you walk into your house after a long day, you can guarantee that our teacup Chihuahua will be there weaving between your feet and petting you with her tail. Her confident, but the gentle manner is sure to win you over in a heartbeat! We offer an excellent selection of the best quality and healthier Teacup dogs. Reach us with the call or text to buy this micro Chihuahua.
Price: $6,800.00