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Benita Classic Teacup English Bulldog

Name: Benita
Breed: Teacup English Bulldog
Color: Classic
Gender: Female
Size: Maximum Expected Adult Weight 20LBS
Date of Birth: 9-Nov-2019

The Rare & Exotic Lil Benita! Mini Blue Merle Pied French Bulldog Baby Girl ! …. Wow! Talk about a puppy straight out of a fairytale! Benitais truly priceless when it comes to her advanced beauty. She is extremely rare in every way possible. First off, she has gorgeous rare magnetic crystal blue eyes that sparkle. Secondly, she has an extremely rare vivid blue merle pied coat that is highly desired and hard to find. Third, she has the tiniest sizing for a French Bulldog. She is honestly top tier exclusive! Athena is super tiny and is estimated to be 8 to 10 pounds full grown ! <3
Price: $7,800.00