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Acai Orange Sable Pomeranian

Name: Acai
Breed: Micro Pomeranian
Color: Chocolate Merle
Gender: Male
Size: Maximum Expected Adult Weight 3.5LBS
Date of Birth: 4-Nov-2019

Lil Acai ! Micro Orange Sable Pomeranian Baby Girl ! … Pristine Micro Orange Sable Pomeranian 🐶 Gorgeous Thick Lush Orange Sable Luxury Coat 💎 Worlds Cutest Pomeranian Puppy 🌎 Extreme Baby Image 🤩 Estimating To Be Around 3 Pounds Full Grown ⚖️ Tiny Sizing ⭐️ Innocent & Extremely Charming Personality ❤️ Best Fit For A Loving Household 👨‍👩‍👧 Superb Temperament 💫
Price: $5,600.00