Play Yards & Toddler’s Play Areas

These are usually made out of durable plastic, clean up very nicely with a waterhose and are usually very long lasting.

Most models are flexible in configuration and adaptable to the space you want to use, and they work very well both for inside and outside use. Most of them fold down to the size of a single panel, and while they are larger and heavier than most playpens, they are still very easy to transport or move to different parts of the home.

I often use these with older puppies if they haven’t found a home yet that need a bit more space, or for larger toy/mini breed puppies that mature in the 10+ pound range. They also work well for adult teacups and tiny dogs, or if you have multiple pets you want to contain in the same area.

Traditional Exercise Pens [ExPens]
These are a more permanent solution and often used for outside use for dogs of all sizes, although they are perfectly fine for inside as well. They come in a variety of panel heights and configurations, and the spacing between the bars is usually close enough to keep teacup and tiny puppies from squeezing through. With some manufacturers you can buy individual panels to add to the base package, allowing for more room to play and romp.

These tiny babies will still need supervision when outside in these, as they are just the right size for birds of prey, large cats, dogs and coyotes to be considered a nice appetizer. Do not allow your teacup and tiny puppies to be outside without proper supervision. Please build or use an Expen Cover if the pup spends time alone outside!!!