High calorie supplements do not replace good quality puppy food.

It is purely used as a transitional supplement to add additional calories to your pups food intake, without the pup having to eat more.

Once the pup is established in your home, and you both have found a sound balance between food intake [calories in] and exercise + play [calories out] to maintain a good blood sugar level for it, Nutrical or Dyne needs only be given as a precautionary measure when you know the pup has a busy day ahead [the grand kids are coming to visit, or you’re going to the mall with it, or a vet trip is scheduled] or if it had an unexpectedly rough day for whatever reasons, and is tired and exhausted.

You will still need to maintain a sound Feeding Schedule with all what that entails, but adding high calorie supplements to your care regiment, makes it all easier!

Eventually you will want to wean the pup from its high cal supplements and for the pup to maintain on its puppy food alone. There is no hurry for this, but again – offering dry food free choice [24/7] is the way to achieve that, and so is making sure that you offer as good quality puppy nutrition as you can reasonably afford.
High Calorie Supplements are not Vitamins.
High calorie supplements should not be confused with separate puppy or dog vitamins. While they offer some additional vitamins to support a small puppy, they mainly add easy to consume and digest calories. They are not what is properly termed a dietary vitamin/mineral supplement such as for example NuVet Vitamins, that cover and improve an amazing amount of dog and cat health deficiencies and conditions, and that can also improve much old age misery and ailments for many pets.