What you should also know… Dyne is a bit different from NutriCal or NutriStat, in that it comes in a thick liquid form.

This high calorie supplement is generally available from Pet Supply Companies via mail or online orders only, as I have not seen it anywhere here in pet stores [not to say that it won’t be available there in other geographical areas]. You will also be able to order NutriCal from the same online or mail order sources.

I like Dyne specifically for picky eaters as it is highly palatable without the gooeyness which can be a turnoff for pups with eating issues. Dyne can be drizzled over dry food or mixed with wet food, and is readily accepted by most of the pickiest of eaters. It can also be added to the drinking water if necessary for a regular boost of the blood sugar level.

If push comes to shove, and you need to fall back on syringe feeding your pup, Dyne is most suitable for that as well and can be safely used to liquify canned food, so it goes easier through the syringe for easier feeding. Dyne is definitely one of the least complicated ways of adding daily calories to your puppys’ intake.

It comes in a rather large [16 oz] bottle as the smallest size available, but at roughly $12-13for it, it is all you will need to get your puppy through babyhood and beyond, and is money well spend. It lasts forever in the fridge once you get past the point of needing it daily for a picky eater, and can be saved for high stress situations such as traveling, house guests, trips to the vet, and to help with swift recovery from low blood sugar episodes etc etc.

If you are thinking about ordering Dyne, go ahead and order at least one, if not two tubes of NutriCal as well – the later is a bit easier to take along for outings and trips and quick “perk-me-ups”.