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A puppy passport, that includes vaccine record, and health certificate issued within 72 hours of delivery. (you will keep this for life and add to it) their travel crate, blanket and food.

The pup will travel in a hard plastic pet taxi that is airlines approved. We make sure the puppy is familiar with the kennel in which they will be traveling far in advance to their actual shipment date.

Puppies are giving a professional grooming session prior to them leaving our nursery. Each is bathed, blow dried, and groomed 1-2 days before travel.The puppy will receive a dose of stress drops before leaving the nursery. Their carrier is also sprayed with a calming agent.We will send 1 months quantity of food. If you choose to change food do so in a 59:50 ratio with the food we send. Regardless of the airline, all pet cabins are pressurized, and temperature controlled(in a special hold area that is the same temperature and pressure as the passenger area)The puppy will arrive with his or her nursery blanket.This special blanket has the scent of the nursery mates and mother on it. Please refrain from washing their baby blanket for the first few weeks after arriving.

This agreement regarding the sale of the following canine will serve as the terms & conditions of the sale. The signed contract and full payment balance are due back in our office within 2 business days. Or we consider the contract void. We offer no change of heart refunds. Flights are booked 3 days before date of delivery (after vet health certification and vaccines are completed) we will email you 48hrs before delivery with your flight number and time, so you can monitor the flight status with the airline.

***Please read carefully Terms of Agreement/Sale***

1) Under no circumstances shall the buyer resell, lease out, trade, give away or surrender this puppy to any pet shop, research laboratory, HS/SPCA or similar facility.

2) Under no circumstances are refunds issued at the request of the buyer.

3) Buyer agrees not to let this puppy run loose outdoors at any time.

4) Altering fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in the price of the puppy. Having your puppy altered here is an option. Altering for females is $300 and altering for males is $200.

5) We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale of a Puppy at any time if we feel it is in the best interest of that particular Puppy, issuing a full refund within 30 days.

6) Flights will not be scheduled nor will pick up arrangements be made before 72 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date (see below for our delivery schedule policy)

7) Our delivery policy is as follows: payments received before the 1st of the month, pups are delivered the 15th. Payments received after the 2nd of the month pups are delivered the 1st of the following month. To further clarify, if you send your payment for your puppy on December 27 and it is received on December 31 you will receive your puppy January 15. If you send your payment on December 31 and it is received January 2 you will receive your puppy February 1. Why? It streamlines everything for us so we aren't overwhelmed with various dates and driving to and from the vet, groomer and airport.

8) Bank transfer payments can take up to a week to clear, send us confirmation when the payment is made so we can monitor your payment receipt with our account. Once payment is received we will email to confirm receipt. This date determines the delivery date (see above delivery schedule policy)

9) If you have any health concerns with your puppy, let us know immediately, we offer a full refund or replacement for any pre-existing or genetic health issues for 1 full year, plus we will send you, 6 weeks of free health insurance it's up to you if you want to continue with the insurance.

10) Puppies can be delivered within 4 business days if you choose to hire a nanny for direct delivery. Cost is $22hr for each hour of travel for the nanny, including overnight and hotel if a turnaround flight is not available, travel fee for Puppy, ticket cost for the nanny. An estimated $1500 and up, but will only be confirmed once the puppy is purchased.

11) Special requests from the buyer are considered and fees will vary depending upon the request.


By signing this contract, SELLER and PURCHASER are in full agreement with all of the above terms. Signature of the buyer:

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