Our puppies vary in age.

Before they go on the website, before they are advertised, they are at least 3 months old. Before we will let them go home they will have to weigh a minimum of 500 grams. That’s not going to be a problem with a Frenchie, but with some of our super-super tiny Chihuahuas or Pomeranians we do have to make sure that they are about half a pound before we let them fly. We say we might keep them a little bit longer. Maybe we’ll keep them till they are 5 months or maybe 4 or maybe 3 and half. It is really just about the weight and making sure the puppy is strong and able to manage the flight and the transition into a new family. So far our customers have very much appreciated that we are so conscious about the health of the puppy and its transition period.

During that extra time with us, we continue to do pee-pee pad training and socialization. Early socialization cannot be underestimated. We bring the puppy in multiple environments: from our home; to our friend’s house with kids; to on a city bus so they hear those noises. That produces a very sound temperament that you get to live with for life. If you don’t know where the puppy is coming from, and it is maybe kept in a cage or kept in a pet store, they are not exposed to much. So the starting of a lawn mower may freak your dog out or a crying baby may freak your dog out or just a simple trip in the car might really upset your puppy.

Not ours! We make sure that they have had tons of exposure before they go to their new homes so that they are happy, they don’t have potty training issues, they are not barking manically out of stress, that they are well-adjusted, happy and healthy puppies before they go anywhere.