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About Teacup puppies

First of all, what is a Teacup dog?

A Teacup dog is the unofficial term for extremely small dogs – dogs that can fit in a teacup! Teacup dogs are also referred to as:

  • Toy dog breeds.
  • Miniature breeds.
  • Micro dogs.

The Teacup likes to be with people and they are lively, sweet, perky, cheerful as well as trainable making socialization training accessible. For a dog of it size, they can be excellent watchdogs. A Teacup’s behavior is easy to manage provided that its owner instills in its mind that he/she is the pack leader or boss. The dog may not take the teasing and surprising with good humor causing it to snap back. Lack of discipline will cause the Teacup to bark incessantly to the point of annoyance for its owners. The teacup dogs are the perfect companion, they love to be with their owners all the time bringing joy to everyday situations.