Hollywood Black Teacup Frenchie

Hollywood Black Teacup Frenchie – Currently Available

Meet Hollywood, a Black Teacup Frenchie! This cute as a button boy is the life of the party! Who doesn’t want to hang out with a cheerful and fun-loving puppy? Hollywood is our nursery’s social butterfly; fluttering from one activity to the next! He considers everyone his friend, no matter the number of paws they walk on, LOL! When he isn’t busy playing Hollywood loves to shower his human friends with affection. With his cuddle alerton high, she always has time to soak up a few extra cuddles. Hollywood enjoys having his luscious locks brushed. He will arch his back in delight before falling to her side belly up, hehe. With those chubby chipmunk cheeks he always appears to be in a delightful good mood!

Price: $8,300.00

Name: Hollywood
Breed: Mini French Bulldog
Color: Black
Gender: Male
Size: Maximum expected adult weight 10Lbs
Price: $8,300.00

Breed : Tiny Teacup French Bulldog Gender: Male Color: Black Size: Expected Maximum Adult Weight of 10lbs